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As we understand very well the crops we have a special interest in, we are able to bring innovative ideas to the designing and management of an estate.

Our Experience in Plantation Design & Management

  • Adjustments in planting distance for oil palm planting
  • Treatment of the crops with the correct regime of nutrients using the most suitable schedule (maturing program).
  • Cover crops.
  • Pest and disease control.
  • Increasing the photosynthetic rate
  • Increasing productivity per unit through biotechnology.

Projects that we have expertise in:

  • Fertilizer manufacturing plant.
  • Oil mill-refinery factory - biodiesel plant.
  • Composting plant.


  • We have multi-contract on construction
  • We have experiences in the projects
  • We can deliver the project on time

Step to Get Our Technical Assistance

  • Negotiate on scope of work and financial terms and conditions with client.
  • Draft a proposal.
  • Both party agree with the proposal.
  • Draft and sign contract.
  • 30% payment in advance for the 1st stage construction.
  • 30% payment for the 2nd stage of construction.
  • Balance of payment should be cleared while the BL for the machinery have been issued.
  • Onsite technical advice will be given for 12-18 months after commissioning but there will be extra charges for any variations.

Biodiesel Factory Turnkey

With the demand for biodiesel increasing at an unprecedented rate, the manufacture of Biodiesel Fuel for commercial use resembles a unique business opportunity that can be financially lucrative and emotionally satisfying.

Having dedicated our company to the production of biodiesel, we have acquired expertise in turnkey operations for biodiesel factory technology. We offer a complete service from planning and setting up a biodiesel factory or equipment to putting it into operation. The services also include follow-on contractual obligations, such as testing, training, logistical, and operational support.

To take your first step toward what many consider as "the biggest economic opportunity" of our time - Production of Biodiesel as Fuel - please feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

Our Technical Skills Set

Professional Consultancy
Techinal Services
Site Visit
Supply Research Data
Analysis & Report
Trading of Plan oil
Trading of Biodiesel
Biodiesel Turnkey
Estate Management
R & D on Oil palm seed, Fertilizer, Corn Seed, Machinery

For more details on any of the above mentioned services, please contact us.

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